11 responses to “Come Try Us!

  1. I’m an ex athlete who’s looking for a great to get my body in great shape. Been following cross fit for 3yrs never had the courage to join. I’m ready now. How do I start?

    • Well, starting is easy. All you’d have to do with us is come in to any of our classes and try us out for free your first time and we can go from there! Sound good to you?!

  2. Hello, I’m moving from Wylie out there looking for a new place to work out . What do I need to come try you guys out.

    • Hey Brian, sorry for the delayed response, we were out of the country for a bit! If you could, just give me a shout at 214-682-2706 or even send a text and we’ll get you all setup boss!

  3. Hello. I live down the street from your gym. I see your Groupon. I would like to try out a class Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

    • Hey Kayla, I’m not sure why the Groupon doesn’t say this, but it is for our Sweat Class which is Mon, Wed and Fri evenings from 6:30-7:30. Would that still be an ok time to come in for you? We’d love to have you in so let us know if that works for you.

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