Wednesday 8-13-14

Tuesday was a tough one, more mental than anything.  A part of this journey you all are taking on with us is also mental. Having the confidence to do something you aren’t good at doing or something that you’ve never done that will challenge you is a part of this process.  Embrace it and learn from it. Being nervous and being unsure of your abilities is normal, but how you handle those nerves is what makes you either a stronger person or a weaker one. Choose strong.

Swink Fundamentals
-Hip Mobility

Skill: Double Unders

For Time:
-Calorie Row
-Double Unders (there will be a modification for these)

Swink Performance
-Shoulder Strength

(A1) 5×3 Strict Press, across
(A2) 5×5 Bent Over Rows, across

2×800m Runs each for time, rest as needed

3×15 GHD Situps


We have raw and local honey for purchase at the gym if anyone is interested.

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