Monday 8-18-14

The school year is about to begin which can mean a lot of changes. Some things you all should take into consideration is your time management when it comes to your health and fitness. That goes for your food intake as well. All too often, we’ll get busy and either forget to eat or choose something that’s a little more convenient than it is good for you. Start prepping now for this upcoming schedule change. Don’t let poor planning come back to haunt you. Take action!

Also, we want to give a quick congrats to all of our athletes that competed this weekend. We are truly so proud of you all for going through that challenge!  It was fun getting to hang out with you all for the day.

Swink Fundamentals
Skill: Squating

Strength: 5×5 Back Squat

8:00 AMRAP
-10 Air Squats
-10 Weighted  Abmat Situps
-1 Shuttle Run

Swink Performance
-3×5 Back Squats, across
-3×5 Strict Press, across

For Time:
-Clean & Jerk
-Box Jumps


Our awesome teams from this weekend.

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