Friday 9-19-14

As we get to the end of this week, we really want to put emphasis and focus on doing some skill work before the weekend. We also know that it is Homecoming for Midlothian and we may not see a lot of you in the evening. So, we are going to combine the Fundamentals class and Performance class to make sure those who show up can all benefit from the skill session. Hopefully this will allow those who wouldn’t normally come to an earlier class, to show up and get in a workout before heading off to the homecoming game.

Swink Fundamentals & Performance
-Shoulder Strength

3 sets of:
(A1) Handstands, free standing or 1:00 holds
(A2) 1:00 weighted plank

3 sets of:
(B1) 5 Negative Ring Dips into reverse Muscle Up
(B2) 10 Band Muscle Ups


Oh Julie, always killin it!

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