Friday 10-17-14

So, this Saturday the 5K in town at the Midlothian Fall Festival is at 8am. Yes, it’s early, earlier than our normal 9:45 class. However, we will make that our Saturday workout this week.  There will be no class this Saturday, just the 5K.  If you cannot make the morning 5K and want to do a workout, please do a 5K on your own and record your time.  We have a record board at the gym with 5K times on it and would like to update it when possible! 

Swink Fundamentals
-Shoulder Strength

Skill: Pullup Negatives

4 Rounds of:
-10 Negative Pullups
-10/Arm DB Cleans
-1 Shuttle Run

Swink Performance
-Shoulder Strength

3 Rounds of
(A1) Max Rep Strict HSPU
(A2) 15 GHD Situps

4 Rounds of:
-20 Calorie Row
-20 WallBalls
-20 DB Swings


Have you ever witnessed so much love?!?!

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