Monday 12-15-14

Anyone watch that Cowboy game?!  It had us waiting until the end! 

We want to thank everyone who made it out to the Christmas dinner this past Saturday!   We had a lot of fun with you all and glad you could make it.

As we move closer to the end of the year, we get more and more excited about things we hope to add/update for you all. New changes that only help us all succeed!  But now time for some work to be put in:

Swink Fundamentals
-Shoulder Strength

-3×3 Back Squats @65-70%
-3×3 Strict Press, build to a tough weight

7:00 AMRAP
-10 Dumbbell Snatches, total, alternating arms
-8 Burpees

Swink Performance
-Shoulder Strength

-(A1) 5×1 Back Squats @85-90%
-(B1) 3×3 Push Press, across
-(C1) 3×15 Bent Over Rows, across

For Reps:
-1:00 Max Rep Cleans (135/95)
-1:00 Rest
-1:00 Max Rep WallBalls (20/14)
-1:00 Rest
-1:00 Max Rep Burpees over the bar


Probably the best 3 sweaters from the party!

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