Monday 12-22-14

Christmas week is here and we have some schedule adjustments going on.

Monday and Tuesday – normal schedule. We are also combining both Fundamentals & Performance classes.

Wednesday and Thursday – GYM IS CLOSED.

Friday – only one BIG class, at 12pm.

Saturday – normal schedule.

Don’t forget hoodie money is due now. Please pay for yours by the end of the day.

Swink Fundamentals & Performance
-Shoulder Strength

-3×5 Back Squats, @70-80%, base it off of feel

Skill: Power Snatch

10:00 AMRAP
*First 5:00 you cycle through:
-5 Power Snatch
-10 Push Ups
*Second 5:00 you cycle through:
-6 Lunges total, bar in the back squat position
-3 Pull Ups (chest 2 bar)


Whose ready for kids classes again?!

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