Tuesday 3-24-15

Whoaaaaa, what a day!  We loved it and hoped you did too. Not to mention this weather is amazing.

Now, last workout for the Open is this Thursday, at 7pm. Be there to watch it with us if you’re available. Also, this Friday is our last chance to come together as a group and cheer everyone on starting at 5:30. If you can be there, please be there.

Now because the Open is coming to a close, that means we are having a Post Open Celebration!!!!  We’ll get together, eat, drink, laugh….maybe cry, who knows. It’ll be a weekend, so we’ll be throwing some dates out there soon. Also, anyone have suggestions on food?  Potluck?  Smoker (which we don’t have but will need)?  Any and all input would be awesome.

Next, there is a 5K here locally on April 18th we’d love you ALL to be at!  This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself, do something out of the norm, etc etc. The info for it is at the gym and we are running a warm up for it so we’ll be there regardless. We’d love a great showing and support for us and the race itself.

Finally, we are getting ready to do a challenge at the gym, both food and exercise challenges. Be on the look out for that come mid to late April. Details coming soon.



Swink Fundamentals & Performance
-Hip Mobility

-Squat Clean

12 Rounds of 1:00 on, 1:00 off
-1 Squat Clean (tough/heavy weight)
-10 AbMat Situps, non weighted (FOR A REASON!)
-10 Double Unders
-1 Strict Pullup/Muscle Up

The way this workout will work is like a normal AMRAP, you’ll move through the movements and once finished, start over. However, you can only progress forward when you have the 1:00 work time, and must rest in the next 1:00.


Out of Rowers…. 

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