Friday 4-17-15


Soreness is real. The struggle is real!  That’s why today we are going to do as much as we can to help the recovery process.

Remember, this Saturdays events are as follows:

No Class Saturday morning.

Rowdy Run 5K in town, race begins at 8:30.

Open House from 9:30-12

Recover Yoga begins at 10:30 (we HIGHLY encourage you all to be there as she, Dayna the yoga instructor, is supporting us so we’d like to do the same and it’ll help with the soreness)

Post Open Celebration begins at 6:30 that same night, be there!!  Potluck style with a Paleo recipe.

Today is our test #2 and all classes will be the same. We will spend time mobilizing before hand and do a brief lesson on Rowing with more recovery after.

Swink Fundamentals & Performance
-Shoulder Mobility


Test #2
For Max Calories
-1:00 on/1:00 off
-1:00 on/:50 off
-1:00 on/:40 off
-1:00 on/:30 off
-1:00 on/:20 off
-1:00 on/:10 off
-1:00 on

During the rest period, you’ll place the handle back in the holder. It is for a total amount of calories so the screen will not be reset after each 1:00 interval.


Looking back at it now, we’ve certainly come a long way….

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