Wednesday 5-6-15

Man, what a workout Tuesday was!  Very proud of all that took it on and sure wish we had more of you there for important workouts like this one was. That workout improves so many things ultimately leading to faster runs, faster recovery and more than likely, a faster 5K test time. There will be more similar to this one, so always try and make it out for those.

Now, the past 2 days have been tough no doubt, but more so mentally. We want you all to know that this isn’t your normal boot camp or kick boxing class. We try to influence every portion of your lifestyle. We encourage your fitness, in more ways than one and here lately meaning the mental part. We encourage you to have a healthy diet majority of the time. We encourage you to have a positive attitude with our small talks. Ultimately, we are trying to make you harder to bring down, in more ways than one!  The stronger you are both mentally and physically, the better quality of life.

Swink Fundamentals
-Shoulder Strength

-5×5 Strict Press, build to tough 5 rep

-Double Unders

4×3:00 Rounds with 1:00 rest
-250m Row
-10 Pushups
-Max Double Unders with remaining time

4×:30 Side Planks (2 right, 2 left)

Swink Performance
-Shoulder Strength

1-1-1-1-1-1 Snatch, heaviest for each set, fails count towards an attempt

3 Rounds for time (sprint):
-10 OHS (60% from above)
-30 Double Unders

4×:30 Side Planks (2 left, 2 right)


Friends help friends cut loose string.

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