Friday 5-8-15

One more day until Cinco de Beastmode at the gym!  So, Saturdays schedule is as follows:
No class at 9:45 this Saturday
-We are doing opening talks at 11:30, we’ll start soon after.
-There will be heat sign ups, similar to the Open.
-Just have a great time and enjoy the company!

We really hope you all can make it out to this event, we’d love the support from you all and your friends/family!

Swink Fundamentals
-Shoulder Strength

Strength: (forgot about it Wednesday!)
-5×5 Strict Press

-Overhead Squats

5×2:00 Rounds with 1:00 rest
-10 OHS
with remaining time, complete as many rounds of:
-5 Ring Rows
-5 Burpees
*we did a workout very similar on April 6th, the only thing that was different were the last 2 movements. Either way, if you tracked it, you’ll be able to see what weight you used for OHS.

Pullup Strength:
-3×5 Negative Pullups

Swink Performance
-Shoulder Strength

-5×3 Push Press, tough weight

5 Rounds for time:
-6 Pistols
-9 Deadlifts (70% of 1RM)

Pullup Strength:
-3×5 Negative Pullups


Coach Betsy will soon be your neighborhood Airrosti employee!

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