Wednesday 5-13-15

We just want to remind everyone that this Thursday we will be having class because we will not have class on Friday or Saturday. Friday morning however will have one class, 5:30am.  Make the note!!

Now, Randy, we’re very proud of you all who took on that challenge and are stronger because of it!  The snatch is a VERY technical lift, which makes it one of the most frustrating no doubt. Just know that the more consistency you give us, the better your lifts get. Also, we’ll never stop you from coming to Open Gym to practice those skills. Come on out!

Swink Fundamentals
-Shoulder Mobility

-6×1 Front Squats @80%

20:00 AMRAP
-5 Pullups
-10 WallBalls
-20 AbMat Situps

Core (even more!!):
-3×1:00 Hollow Rock Hold

Swink Performance
-Shoulder Mobility

10-10-10, Overhead Squats, heaviest possible (from April 6th)

-Muscle Ups

3 Rounds for time:
-5 Chest 2 Bar
-4 Box Jumps (30/24)
-2 Deadlifts (80%)
-1 Muscle Up

3×1:00 Hollow Rock Hold


Last day to pay for this shirt and to order one. Make sure you guys let us know if you’d like one and pay by today please.

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