Tuesday 5-19-15

Man, tough Monday no doubt!  But, still fun, right?! 

Today, we use NO weight, move fast, and focus on the finer things!  Competition Tuesday is on.

Also, Memorial Day is on its way, be on the lookout for not only a schedule adjustment but an opportunity to do another Hero workout.

Competition Tuesday
Swink Fundamentals & Performance
-Shoulder Strength

3 Rounds for time:
-50 Cal Row
-40 Air Squats
-3:00 accumulated time of Low Plank*
-20 Pushups
*The Planks will be done on the elbows (Low Plank) and you have to accumulate 3:00 worth. Anytime you stop to rest, get “droopy” with your back, your time stops. 3:00 is only accomplished by actually doing the plank.

Pullup Strength:
-4×12 “Seated” Band Rows*
*2 Bands, attached on the rig at chest height, assume a seated position and row towards your chest. Elbows should be kept by your side and down.


The PR board is filling up and it is so puuuurty!

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