Wednesday 6-24-15

What’d you guys think of that sprint workout last night?  We hope you enjoyed that different type of workout, a change of pace.

Rally Sportswear, where we get all our apparel made, is choosing us as their gym to workout at. They are our first corporate account. Basically, as a business, they pay one flat rate and as an employee of their business, they’re able to come to our gym at no cost to them.  The reason we’re telling you this is if you know of someone or have a business yourself and would like more info into these, please come talk to us. Corporate accounts are a great way to improve productivity and moral among your employees as well as build as stronger team.

Swink Sweat
Station workout:
1:00 Stations with :30 rest/rotation time
(1) Burpees
(2) Weighted Situps (behind the head)
(3) Jumpropes (Singles or Doubles)
(4) Thrusters (Bar, Dumbbell, MedBall)
(5) Battle Rope

Swink Fundamentals
-Shoulder Strength

-Snatch (squat)
-Build to a heavy single (10:00)

8:00 AMRAP
-5 Power Snatch
-10 Goblet Squats

-3×1:00 Hollow Hold

Swink Performance
-Shoulder Strength

-Find a tough 3 Rep Squat Clean, unbroken and touch and go

EMOTM for 10:00
-3 Unbroken Power Cleans @75% of above
-5 Bar Over Burpees

3×1:00 Hollow Hold


Adrian wearing your Wednesday motivation!

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