Tuesday 7-21-15


Teens and Masters begin the day today, check games.crossfit.com for the schedule and to watch the events live.

Next Monday, July 27th, we will be starting a new round of Fitness and Nutrition challenges. This is for ALL of our members, including Sweat members. Be sure to read all our posts on the website (which we’ll share all of them to facebook) to keep informed on how to participate in these challenges.

Competition Tuesday
Swink Fundamentals & Performance
-Hip Mobility


2 Rounds, each for time, rest 3:00 between rounds:
-40 Calorie Row
-30 Box Jumps
-20 Deadlifts

Pullup Strength:
-3×5 Negative Pullups
-3×12 DB Curls

Swink Barbell
-Hang Muscle Snatch, 3×3

High-Hang Snatch
-6×2 @70%

Power Clean+Power Jerk
-6×2(1+1) @70%

Snatch Pull
-1×3 @85%, 1×3 @90%, 1×3 @95%, 1×3 @85%


Britton reminding us all that there is always room to go upwards…

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