Tuesday 8-4-15

Guess what everyone….we’re starting a “Member of the Month” recognition thingy. Each month we will decide who has either represented Swink to the fullest, been the most consistent, made the most strength gains or weightloss, etc, etc, to highlight and tell their story. The gym and Swink would not be possible without your support and we’d love to make sure to thank you guys!  Be looking for that tomorrow, a whole write up for that person.

Remember, this week is all about giving something up and replacing it with some good/better for you!  Please understand that we want the best for you and nothing but the best. We try really hard as a coaching unit to help improve your well-being and we only ask for the same in return. You have only one body, be kind to it.

Today, we celebrate Coach Greg’s birthday and do a workout picked by him….so it’s not our fault!  😉

Competition Tuesday
Swink Fundamentals & Performance
-Shoulder Mobility
-Glute Strength

-Take 12:00 to find heavy 1 rep on Front Squat (needed for Wednesday’s workout)

-Hang Clean/HSPU

“Greg’s Workout”
1991 AMRAP  (20:31)
-8 WallBalls
-5 Hang Power Cleans (tough)
-3 HSPU (Performance)
Odd Rounds:
-24 Calorie Row
Even Rounds:
-24 Double Unders

Greg was born on August (8) 5th, 1991. He is turning 24 and is the 3rd child in his family…in case you were wondering where the numbers came from.

Swink Barbell
-Press in Snatch – 5, 4, 3 (ascending weights)

-Heavy Single
-2×(1×1 @80%, 1×1 @85%, 1×1 @90%)

Clean & Jerk
-(1+1) @70%, (1+1) @75%
-2×((1+1)80%, (1+1) @85%, (1+1) @90%)

Back Squat
-6×3 @80%


Remember where you’ve come from so you can appreciate where you are.

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