Friday 8-7-15

Friday is here and that means the last day of testing!  The final one. Nothing much more to say other than let’s get to it!

Swink Sweat

Test #6
1 Mile Run for time

Swink Fundamentals & Performance
-Shoulder Strength
-Glute Strength

-The movements!!!

For Time (20:00 cutoff):
-(50/30/25) Double Unders
-(40/25/20) Pullups
-(30/20/15) WallBalls
-(20/15/10) Box Jumps
-(10/10/5) HSPU
-(20/15/10) Box Jumps
-(30/20/15) WallBalls
-(40/25/20) Pullups
-(50/30/25) Double Unders

*there are 3 reps schemes that you’re able to choose from. None support any strengths but they all can expose a weakness. Don’t choose one rep scheme because one movement has too many reps. Choose the rep scheme that is going to challenge your skills/strengths.


She’s almost a freshman in college, Texas Tech.

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