Tuesday 9-22-15

We’ve already started receiving “R.S.V.P” for the dinner on Oct. 3rd. Remember it is $10 for 1 and $15 for 2. You can bring a date of course and any of you can buddy up to buy tickets to save. Please have the tickets paid for by next Wednesday and cash only. You can drop it off at the gym the next time you come in at the front desk.

Also, new Swink Family shirts are coming soon and we are only doing pre-orders on these. It’s only $10 for a shirt. If you’d like more, the shirt will be only $15 for each additional. We would love for everyone to have a shirt which is why we are covering some of the cost. Please let us know by next Saturday if you’d like to pre-order one. We will have our normal shirt like most of the ones we’ve done in the past and a unisex tank to choose from as well.

Competition Tuesday
Swink Fundamentals & Performance
-Hip Mobility
-Glute Strength

-Deadlift, proper form

5×2:00 Rounds with 1:00 rest 
-5 Deadlifts
With remaining time, AMRAP of:
-5 Hand Release Pushups
-5 DB Goblet Squats

Pullup Strength:
-3×Max Strict Chinups

Swink Barbell
Muscle Snatch + Press in Snatch
-3 x (3+3)

Block Snatch
-73%x3, 78%x2, 83%x1, 76%x3, 81%x2, 86%x1, 78%x3, 83%x2, 88%x1

Hang Snatch High-Pull (below knee)
-2×4 @75%, 2×4 @80%


When it burns so good your mouth tells it!

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