Friday 10-30-15

Time for retest #3 everyone, who’s excited!?

A couple of things real quick:

(1) If you are making any orders for meals for next week, be sure to put that order in by today, Friday. There is a menu at the gym that you can order from.  Don’t forget.

(2) There are a few extra meals in the fridge currently. A couple breakfast meals as well as dinner options.

(3) Wear a costume if you got ’em!

(4) Make sure you tell anyone you know who is interested in our program about our Intro Class starting Monday, November 2nd. It’s at 4:30pm and we have 2 slots left open. It’s $105 for the 4 – weeks and once complete, they will go into our Fundamentals class. We are also currently playing with a 6:30am option if you know anyone interested.

Swink Sweat
-Back Squats

Retest #3
8:00 AMRAP
-Back Squats
-4 weights, 10 reps each, with max reps at the last weight, each heavier than the last

Swink Fundamentals & Performance
-Glute Strength

-Squat Cleans

-Build to the last weight in the ladder

Retest #3:
5×1:00 Rounds with 15 sec in between, for max reps:
-Squat Cleans
-5 weights, starting with the lightest, increasing each 1:00 interval


Amanda seems to be ready for some cleans…wouldn’t you say?!

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