Tuesday 11-24-15

Yesterday we had extra credit of 2×1 Mile Runs. If you wanted to do this, but didn’t get a chance to, do that as your extra credit today. Our goal is not only to make you stronger, more skilled, but to also make you more efficient and faster at longer distances too. Do this one if you get a chance, it’s a good one.

Today is more or less prep. As we get ready for the 2016 season of the CrossFit Open, we have to start ramping up the workouts that test you.

Also, don’t forget that this Thursday, Thanksgiving, we have a class at 9:15am. Also, this Saturday we have “Swinksgiving” at 6pm. It’s potluck so make sure to bring some goodies. Just another reason for us all to come together and have a good time! 

Finally, we are hoping we get a ton of participation on this, but a few of us are doing a 100,000 meter challenge. It’s from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas eve. More on this tomorrow, but, you can get these meters in any way. Row, Run and even in the warmup. We hope you join us in this challenge.

Competition Tuesday
-Shoulder Strength
-Glute Strength

-Ankle/Calf Mobility

For Time:

Pullup Strength:
-4×8 Bent Over Rows, heavy
-4×3-5 Strict Chest 2 Bar, bands are okay

Swink Barbell
Power Snatch
-2×(Heavy Single, 90%, 95%)

Power Clean + Power Jerk
-2×(Heavy Single, (1+1) @90%, (1+1) @95%)

Clean Pull
-3×2 @110%


Staying after class to put that extra work in! 

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