Wednesday 12-2-15

Day 2 of December.

I think of December as a “Merry” month, so we are giving you another challenge this month. Each week we will give you something “Merry” to do.

This week, we challenge you to do something kind for a stranger. It could be buying their coffee (I’d be your stranger), holding a door for someone, helping someone carry groceries, anything!  Just put the Swink Family name to good use and help a stranger!

Swink Sweat
20:00 AMRAP
-200m Weighted Run
-20 Thrusters
-20 MedBall Slams

Swink Fundamentals
-Shoulder Strength
-Glute Strength

-3×2 Front Squat
-3×3 Split Jerk @75%

-Handstand Pushups

For Time:
-10 Handstand Pushups/Negatives
-400m Run  (BUNDLE UP!!)
-8 Handstand Pushups/Negatives
-400m Run
-6 Handstand Pushups/Negatives
-400m Run

-3×45 sec Weighted Planks

Swink Performance
-Shoulder Strength
-Glute Strength

Clean + Jerk Dip
-3+1@75%, 2+1@80%, 2+1@85%, 3×(1+1)@90%

Power Jerk
-1×3@75%, 1×2 @80%, 1×2@85%, 3×1@90%

Back Squat
-3×2 @90%

For Max Reps:
6:00 AMRAP
-800m Run
-Max Handstand Pushups with remaining time

-3×45 sec Weighted Planks

Extra Credit
Rest 5:00 from above workouts, then,
6:00 AMRAP
-800m Run
-Max Rep Ring Dips with remaining time



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