Thursday 12-10-15

Open Gym today should give some of you plenty of opportunities to get in some meters. Especially because it will be nice outside so you could switch up running and rowing.

Open Gym
(1) Make up a missed workout

(2) Skill: Rowing, focusing on posture and recovery at the back of the stroke

(3) Workout with Skill:
Get in some meters

Swink Barbell
-Press in Snatch (ascending weights) – 5, 4, 3

Power Snatch + OHS (3 sec hold in bottom)
6×(2+1) a70%

Power Jerk + Jerk
-6×(2+1) @70%(% of Jerk)

Snatch Balance (3 sec hold in bottom)
-5×2 @70%


Look at this throwback from the old place…workout so hard you bust out of your shirt!

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