Thursday 2-11-16

Open Gym time people, which means you can come in and work on those sweet moves of yours.

ORRRRRR, you could do the workout we have for ya. Show up to find out!

Also, don’t forget about signing up for the Open at and to mark your calendars for Friday Feb. 26th and every Friday thereafter for the next 4 weeks.

Swink Barbell
Slow-Pull Clean (5 sec to mid-thigh) + Hang Power Clean (mid-thigh) + Hang Clean (mid-thigh)
-4 x (1+1+1)

Hang Clean (knee) + Jerk
-3+1 @70%, 5×(3+1) @75%

Clean Pull
-3×4 @85%

Clean Lift-Off
-3×4 @100%

Pause Back Squat
-4×5 @60%


Talk about a throwback Thursday picture….

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