Friday 16.5

Oh guys….this just got real…

Well, hope we get to see you all tonight, 5:30pm. We’re going to need as much support as we can get, as much cheering as we can get.  Remember, bring some food, bring some drinks and it’s a white out night, so wear white.

Swink Intro
-Shoulder Strength
-Glute Strength

-Pullups, kipping

Retest #3:
“1/2 Cindy”
10:00 AMRAP
-5 Pullups
-10 Pushups
-15 Air Squats

Swink Sweat, Fundamentals & Performance
-Shoulder Strength
-Glute Strength

For Time:
-Thrusters (95/65)
-Bar Facing Burpees


This is a photo of Joe from 2014 after he completed 14.5….it blew his shirt off!

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