Monday 3-28-16

The Open is over guys. It was a fun, crazy and nervous 5-week long competition that showed us how well we have improved since last year. Congrats to everyone who competed, tried out the workouts and thank you to everyone who cheered, judged, visited and of course, cooked/grilled. It was an amazing time and we are very grateful for everyone.

Now, Regionals are next, so mark your calendars for May 13-15. It’s located in Dallas again this year, so everyone will be able to take a quick drive to be there.

Next is our classes. Be looking for a slight change in the Fundamentals and Performance classes in a write up later this week and explanations in class.

Finally, our Intro program has finished and you’re going to be seeing some new faces in different classes from here on out. Be sure to make them feel welcome by introducing yourself and showing them the ropes!

Swink Sweat
2×8:00 AMRAP with 2:00 Rest
-5 Weighted Squats
-200m Run

Swink Fundamentals & Performance
-Shoulder Mobility
-Hip Mobility

-5×2 Tempo Front Squat, 23×1

10:00 AMRAP
-15 Pullups (5 Strict, 10 Kipping)
-30 Double Unders
-200m Run

3 Sets of:
-8-10 Hanging Leg Raises
-Max Toes 2 Bar/Pikes


Some of the faces you’ll be seeing join us in class!!!

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