Monday 4-25-16

It’s Monday everyone, time to get back to some good ol’ training.

A couple of things to take advantage of this week:
Airrosti will be in the gym this Wednesday from 5:40-7:40pm and Saturday from 8:00-9:40am.  Airrosti is a soft tissue rehab company who specializes in our type of athletes. If you have a nagging pain or something just isn’t working right, you should check them out. On those days, they’re giving free 20 minute injury assessments to anyone who reserves a spot. You MUST sign up online in order to reserve your spot.



Lets fill up these spots….IT’S FREE!

Also, this Sunday, May 1st, is our get together we had to postpone. Be there at 2pm and it’s a bring your own food. There will also be a grill if needed.  We hope you all can make it out to this!  The address is written at the gym on the events whiteboard.

Swink Intro
-Review Squat

-MedBall Front Squat

3 Rounds of:
-400m Run
-50 Singles
-20 MedBall Front Squats

-3×1:00 Planks

Swink Sweat
5×4:00 rounds with 1 min rest
-500m Row
-25 DB Swings
-As many Jump Ropes with remaining time

Swink Fundamentals
-Shoulder Strength
-Glute Strength

-5, 4, 4, 3, 3, Back Squats

-Power Cleans, RX (75/55) RX+ (135/65)
-WallBalls (double the reps)

-3×30sec Weighted Planks

Swink Performance
To be done before or time in between:
Strength (in addition to Back Squats):
-Push Press, build to heavy single, 2×2 @90%, 2×3 @80%
-Clean Pulls, 3×3 @100%, 3×2 @105%

Today be done following the “21-15-9”:
Rest 5:00
-Thrusters RX (75/55) RX+ (95/65)
-Double Unders (double the reps)

3 Rounds not for time
-15 GHD Situps*
-15 Hip Extensions

*this is in addition to the core above, not to replace or to do instead of


Had a great run with our Swink Family!

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