Tuesday 4-26-16

Oh man, Monday was rough no doubt!  Hate if ya missed it…

But no worries, we gotcha set up for today!

Don’t forget that Airrosti will be in the building Wednesday evening from 5:40-7:40pm and this Saturday from 8:00-9:40am. Remember Airrosti is a soft tissue rehab specialist and can help with all the little nagging pains and aches.  They’ll be giving free 20 minute injury assessment session to whoever signs up. You have to sign up online, here are the links:



On to today:

Competition Tuesday
-Hip Mobility
-Glute Strength

For Time:
-25 Thrusters (bar)
-50 Front Rack Lunges (bar)
-1000m Row

Rest, recover completely

For Time:
-10×100m Row Sprints, 30 sec rest

Swink Barbell
-work footwork for Split Jerk
-3×3 OHS, 3sec pause
-3×3 Snatch Balance

-85%x3, 90%x2, 95%x1 (% of HS)

Power Snatch

Snatch Pull
-3×2 @100%

Swink Performance
-Spend time rolling groin area and IT band area. Also focus on calves. Use lacrosse ball on the forearm/elbow area and pec area.   –

-Do Barbell’s workout

4 Sets:
-1:00 Max Strict Pullups
-1:00 Max Strict Ring Dips
-1:00 Rest


Did you guys check out our cool new shelf and clothing rack?!  We thank Shane 100× over!

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