Wednesday 5-11-16

Hey everyone, as we get the whole WODIFY sorted out, please head over to your app store on your phone and download the app for it. From there you’ll be able to log the workout, see your progress and even update your billing info. Please try to have all the billing done by the 15th, that way we can do away with our old software.

Reminder about the schedule this Thursday, it will be our normal Friday schedule.
But we have good news!  LeAnne will be at the gym Friday night from 4pm-7pm if anyone would like to join her in a workout. We’ll even have something for you to do!

You can still get tickets for Regionals at to join us on all 3 days or 1 of the 3!  It’s bleacher seating so bring something soft for your bum!

Swink Intro
-Shoulder Mobility
-Shoulder Strength


3 Rounds of:
-400m Run
-12 Split Jerks, alternating

Swink Sweat
For Time:
-1000m Row
Rest 2:00
5 Rounds For Time:
-5 Pushups
-10 Speed Skaters
-15 Squat Jumps

Swink Fundamentals
-Shoulder Mobility 
-Shoulder Strength

-4×8/leg Pistol Squats

Every 2:00 OTM for 10:00
-5 Strict Pullups/Strict Chest 2 Bar
-10 Push Press RX (95/65) RX+ (115/80)
-15 Calorie Row

-3×15 MedBall twist throws/side

Swink Performance
-4×8 Bent over Rows
-4×8 Seated DB Press

5 Rounds For Time:
-8 Pistols/leg
-16 KB Swings (50/35)


Make sure to go check out Kristi’s write up, our Member of the Month!

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