Wednesday 5-18-16

Couple of good training days so far, time to get another! 

Don’t forget that this Friday is the final day to pay for Rangers tickets for the June 4th game. The tickets are now only $25 a seat so if you’ve paid us, we owe you some mullah! 

Please update your info in Wodify ASAP. Put in your payment info, update your cell phone number, and please if you don’t mind, opt in for the SMS alerts (only available to do on a desktop computer).

Swink Sweat
4×5:00 Rounds
-400m Run
-20 Dumbbell Deadlifts

Swink Fundamentals
-Shoulder Strength

-Kipping for Pullups

For Time:
-Pullups (not strict)

Rest 3:00

-Hang Power Clean RX: (75/55) RX+: (95/65)
-Bar Facing Burpees

-100 Hollow Rocks, as few sets as possible

Swink Performance
-4×10-12 Bent over Rows

-4×20 GHD Situps

Spend 10:00 doing either:
(1) working on Muscle-Up transitions
(2) EMOTM 1-3 Muscle-Ups

Following Fundamentals:
Rest 3:00

For Time:
-Calorie Row
-Double Unders (2x the amount)


Julie getting it!

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