Wednesday 5-25-16

Couple of great training days behind us and on to another one! 

Sweat has a great workout today if anyone gets a chance to hit 2 workouts in one day and we’re testing again in Fundamentals.

Swink Sweat
20:00 cutoff:
-800m Run
3 Rounds of:
-12 Burpees
-12 Presses
-12 Pikes
-800m Run

Swink Fundamentals
-Shoulder Strength
-Glute Strength

-Handstand Pushups

For Time:
-Deadlifts (225/175)

-3√óMax Weight, Max Time Plank Holds

Swink Performance
-Spend 10:00 working Muscle Ups/EMOTM 1-3 Muscle-Ups

3 Rounds For Time:
-25 KB Swings
-20 Pistols (10/leg)

Not for time:
-20 Turkish Getups/Arm


Don’t forget, this Monday at 10am.

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