Friday 6-24-16

One last day before the weekend is here and we hope you all had a great day of rest, but now we have some training to do.

Swink Intro
-LaCrosse Ball intro
-Shoulder Mobility

-Deadlift Review
-Pressing (Strict, Push)

5 Rounds of:
-10 Push Press
-10 Deadlifts

Swink Sweat
6 Rounds of 1:30 on, :30 off
-9 Back Squats
-Max Shuttle Runs

Swink Fundamentals
-Ankle Mobility
-Glute Strength

-3×15 Bent Over Rows, tough
-3×5 Negative HSPU, 5 sec lower, deficit if needed

Workout TBA…

Swink Performance
10:00 EMOTM
-1 Snatch @80-85%
10:00 EMOTM
-1 Clean and Jerk @80-85%

You must do the above IF you plan to do the following:
For Time:
-10 Calorie Ski*
-1 Bar Muscle-Up**
*goes down by 2 reps
**goes up by 1 rep