Monday 6-27-16

We hope everyone had a great and safe weekend and that you’re ready to get back to some training.

Swink Intro
-Ankle Mobility
-Shoulder Strength


8:00 AMRAP 
-20 Singles/10 Double Unders
-10 WallBalls

-3×30 Hollow Rocks

Swink Sweat
10 Rounds of (20:00 cutoff)
-7 Hang Cleans
-7 Burpees Box Jumps
-7 Ring Rows

Swink Fundamentals
-Shoulder Mobility
-Shoulder Strength


Lets go ahead and get this one over with….
30:00 EMOTM
-5 Pullups
-10 Pushups
-15 Squats
This is the RX version, with unassisted Pullups. We can and will scale this tomorrow many different ways, so don’t you worry, we gotchu!

Swink Performance
-2×4 Back Squats @75%
-2×3 Back Squats @80%
-2×3 Back Squats @83%

-3@70%, 3@75%, 2@80%, 3×1@83%

3 Rounds of:
-15 GHD Situps
-15 Hip Extensions
-45 Double Unders


The look we just got when you read the workout.