Tuesday 6-28-16

What a day everyone, great job on all those workouts and all those who took on Chelsea!  Sweat’s workout was no punk either, congrats girls. 

Today is a day where we’ll use almost no hands to keep them healing for those who tore but everyone should keep some moisturizer on them to help with the tenderness. 

Swink Fundamentals 

-Ankle Mobility/Strength 

3 Rounds of:

-1:00 Max Box Jumps

-1:00 Max Weighted Situps

-1:00 Max Double Unders

-2:00 Rest

Swink Performance 


-Work to tough 3 Rep on Deadstop Front Squat

-3×3 Deadstop Front Squats @85% of above

-8×1 Squat Cleans, if you’re able to grip the bar, each as heavy as possible 

-3×5 Halting Deadlifts, at knee, @80% of 5RM

Ya know, we have a few cookbooks at the gym you’re more than welcome to snap pics of to try some of these amazing things like this!