Wednesday 7-27-16

Hey everyone, don’t forget this Saturday, from 4-10pm we will be heading to Laura’s place to swim, eat, hang out, laugh, maybe cry….not jump over any firepit, you get it!

The past couple of days have been very purposeful training days and tough in their own right.  We have seen some amazing improvements in your ability to move your own body weight around, hit big lifts and so on. Today will be just a grind. 
Swink Sweat 

For Time:

-400m Run 

-40 Box Jumps 

-40 Curtsy Lunges

-200m Run 

-20 Box Jumps  

-20 Curtsy Lunges

Rest 2:00

-400m Run 

-40 AbMat Situps 

-40 Mountain Climbers 

-200m Run

-20 AbMat Situps 

-20 Mountain Climbers 

Swink Fundamentals 

-Foot & Ankle Mobility 


-4×8-12 Band Muscle Ups

20:00 AMRAP 

-5 DB Burpee Box Step Ups  (20/16)

-10 DB Thrusters 

-20 Calorie Row 

-40 Double Unders 


-30 Pass throughs

Remember these bad boys need a home!