Wednesday 8-10-16

Hey everyone, there is a Wodify app that you should download if you haven’t already. It allows you to check in to class and log your workout, especially if you forget to while at the gym. We’d really love for everyone to log their progress, it truly helps us and you. 

Android: click here

Apple: click here 

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Swink Sweat 

17:00 AMRAP 

-6 Turkish Getups (3/side)

-10 Ring Rows

-6 Burpees


3 Sets of:

-10 GHD Situps 

-10 Hip Extensions 

Swink Fundamentals 

-Hip Mobility 

-Glute Strength 


-Double Unders 

Every 3:00 OTM for 18:00

-20 Double Unders 

-10 Calorie Row 

-1 Deadlift, tough*

*each round, go up in weight!


-4×Max L-Sit followed IMMEDIATELY by 15 Hollow Rocks!!!

Come get ya some gear and protein, 15% off!