Monday 9-12-16

We want to make sure that everyone takes a moment to remember 9/11. May we never forget.

Now, the Team Series is underway and some of our teams have been getting after it for sure!  We have all teams taking on either 1 more or 2 more workouts today, this afternoon/evening. If you’re just chilling, come cheer some of them on!   

Teams, make sure you guys get some pictures of your team working out and in your cool team “jerseys.”  

Swink Sweat 

2×6:00 AMRAP with a partner

-5 Air Squats

-5 Burpee Box Jumps

-5 Full Body Crunches 

*each round, add 5lbs

Swink Fundamentals 

-Hip Mobility 

-Glute Strength 

Every 2:00 OTM for 16:00

-3 Back Squats @80%

-5 Burpees

-7 Box Jumps 


-3×20 Plank Bird Dogs 

Team Swink BLAQ after Event 4, the Hang Power Cleans….😥