Tuesday 10-4-16

Here we go, the Team Series workouts are released tonight, 7pm!  Teams, unite. 

Also, remember we have Tuesday morning class at 5:30am!!  Be there…or sleep and come later, that’s also an option. 

Swink Fundamentals 

-Hip Mobility 

-Glute Strength 


-Ring Dips

3×3:00 Rounds, for max load, 2:00 rest 

-200m Run, RX (20/14 MedBall)

-15 Ring Dips

-Max Weight lifted on Deadlift with remaining time*

*you choose the weight. Strategy comes in to play here. Do you lift lighter, more reps, or heavier and less reps??

More shenanigan pictures…..when it’s a Swink party, it’s always a good time!