Wednesday 10-12-16

As some of you may know, we have a wedding this weekend, a Swink wedding. Everyone is invited to come to the after festivities. There was an invite on facebook for all of you who have a facebook, but either way, you’re all welcome. There will be some info on the board at the gym for anyone interested in coming by. 

Swink Sweat 


-Calorie Row

Rest same amount of time as it takes to Row

Swink Fundamentals 

-Hip Mobility 

-Thoracic Mobility 


-4×8-12 Bent Over Rows 

-4×15 Band Tricep Extensions 

For Time:

-100 OH Plate Walking Lunges RX (45/25)

-100 AbMat Situps 

RX+ adds 100 Burpees after

These kids have been killing it.