Wenesday 11-2-16

Well, lunges were sure fun.  Nothing like following up some lunges with deadlifts!

Also, we will put an event up soon, but plan for December 10th for our Annual Swink Ugly Sweater Christmas Party….we cannot wait.

Swink Sweat

4 Rounds of 45 sec Stations, 15 sec rotation

-Seated Battle Ropes

-OH/Prisoner Lunges

-Jump Rope



-3× Max Hold Planks

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility

-Glute Strength


Front Squats

-1×8 @85% of 10RM

-1×6 @90% of 10RM

-1×4 @95% of 10RM

9:00 EMOTM

-5 HSPU, RX (strict)

-1 Tough Deadlift, it can increase and should each round


-2×20-25 Anti Rotation Band Presses

Maggie still getting after it…she may be pregnant