Wednesday 12-14-16

Getting closer and closer to Christmas and we just want to remind you of the holiday schedule:

-Saturday, the 24th, no class

-Monday, the 26th, 1 class, 9am, for all classes

Now let’s get to this Hump Day workout 

Swink Sweat 

4 Rounds, rest as needed

-400m Run 

-10 DB Clean and Press

-20 Calorie Bike

Swink Fundamentals 

-Thoracic Mobility 


10:00 EMOTM 

-1 Clean and Jerk, build only if technique allows 

For Time:

-500m Row, RX (1000m)

-50 Double Unders, RX (100)

-500m Row, RX  (1000m)


-Tabata L-Sits

Those Sweat girls sure know how to get after a workout