Wednesday 1-25-17

Well everyone, we have some goodies coming next Wednesday. Our brand rep for Ascent Protein is coming in a week ahead of schedule and bringing some great products for you all to try out that evening. Be sure to try their products, ask as many questions as you can as we plan to carry their products very soon!

Swink Sweat 

Tabata stations:

-Sideways Rope Slams

-Side Lunges

-Russian Twists

-Perfect Pushups 


40 sec between rounds

Swink Fundamentals 

-Quad Smash…you need it!


-4×2 Front Squats @80% (1st rep has 2sec pause)

-4×1 Front Squats @85% 

1 set every @1:30



For Time:


-Burpees Box Jump Overs (24/20)



-from yesterday 

You need to have a clear goal to help you keep focus going forward….Fanny has hers, do you?!