Tuesday 2-28-17

Now that we have everyone done for 17.1….we have something we need to be better at…LOGGING YOUR SCORES!  There were 3 of you who did not put your score in…2 were on the Black team, 1 on the Grey. 

Now, for today, we have a workout that is meant to be tough to get through the rep scheme in the amount of time given, which would be exactly what we would see in the Open, so just know that going into it.

Swink Fundamentals

Shoulder Strength 


-Hang Power Snatch 

8:00 AMRAP 

-40 Calorie Row 

-30 Hang Power Snatch, RX (75/55)

-20 HSPU, RX (flat mat)


-Accumulate a 2:00 side plank per side

Who’s ready for this Friday?!