Friday 6-16-17

So, the coaches here at Swink are going to be trying something new with our schedules. We will be rotating which classes we teach more in the evenings.  Having said that, any and all feedback is welcomed and encouraged as we are a product and are always trying to improve on our product. 

Swink Sweat

 10 Rounds with a partner

20 Calorie 

30 DB Swings 

40 Singles

50 MedBall over the shoulder 

Swink Fundamentals 

-Hamstring Mobility 

For Time (25:00 cutoff)

-100 AbMat Situps

-50 Box Jumps Overs

-25 Deadlifts, RX (225/165)

-50 Box Jumps Overs 

-100 AbMat Situps


-3×12 Seated DB Press

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