Tuesday 7-11-17

What. A. Monday!  Nothing a Tuesday to back it up. 

Don’t forget that Airrosti will be at the gym this Wednesday for the evening classes, be sure to ask them ALL the things. 

Swink Fundamentals 

-Hamstring Mobility (6:00)


-Kipping (10:00)

For Time (12:00 cutoff)

-21 Deadlifts

-15 Pushups

-15 Pullups

-15 Deadlifts

-15 Pushups

-15 Pullups

-9 Deadlifts 

-15 Pushups

-15 Pullups


-3×12 Bent Over Rows (same weight as Friday)

-3×12 DB V-raises + 12 DB Lateral Raises

When you’re excited about Biking and Rowing!