Tuesday 10-24-17

Guys, it’s almost Halloween, yikes. We will have a modified schedule that day so be on the lookout for that tomorrow or Thursday.

Also, don’t forget to get in some recovery time with the Normatec. Focusing on your recovery is and will always be our biggest battle with those who have nagging pain or on the verge of it. You can choose 15min, 30min or an hour, something to fit even the busiest schedule.

Swink Fundamentals

-Thoracic Mobility


Either 1 of the following, depending on your weakness:

-10:00 Kipping HSPU practice

-5×3-8 Kipping HSPU, deficit if possible (10:00 cap)

4 Rounds of 3:00 on, 1:30 off for Max Reps:

-400m Run

-10 Squat Snatches, RX (95/65)

-10 Kipping HSPU, RX (flat mat)

-Bar Facing Burpees

Everyone just working on themselves.