Wednesday 11-29-17

As we come to a close with November, we are excited about December, mainly the Christmas Party! We truly hope you all can make it out. It’s December 16th, so mark your calendar.

Swink Sweat

3 Rounds of:
4×20sec on, 10sec off at each station
-Banded Lunges
-Battle ropes (seated)
-Heel taps
-Calorie Bike

Swink Fundamentals

-Quad Smash


-2×6-10 DB Box Step Ups per leg


-Pistol Squats

-Bar Muscle Ups

For Max Reps:

-3:00 Max Handstand Pushups

-3:00 Max Pistol Squats

-3:00 Max Bar Muscle Ups

Let’s get upside down