Week of October 28th

Hope you guys are all putting in those scores! No forgetting this week. Also, if you guys are still needing to do 20.3 today, make sure you get there a tad early to make sure to get yourself a judge!


Every 2:00 for 10 sets:

-2 Position Snatch


Every 2:00 for 5 sets:

-5 Strict Ring Dips/Dips

3 Rounds each For Time:

-500m Row or 1250/1000m Bike

-400m Run

Rest at least 3:00 between rounds


3 Rounds For Time:

-10 DB Hang Power Cleans

-10 Burpees

-10 DB reverse Lunges, alt.

-10 Burpees

-10 DB Front Squats

-10 Burpees

Thursday Open Gym

Every 3:00 for 7 sets:

-4 Push Press

-50m Zercher Carry walk


20.4….come ready!!


For Time with a partner:

-1 Mile Run, together

-50 Synchronized WallBalls

-40 Synchronized Toes 2 Bar

-30 Power Cleans

Happy Birthday Trev!!