Week of December 2nd

Alright guys, Thanksgiving is over and we have begun our 100k meter challenge. You have until Christmas eve to accumulate 100,000 meters by rowing, running, swimming, going for a walk (outside your normal walking during a day). If you decide you want to use the bikes, it just goes much further much faster so then aim to get 200,000 meters instead.

We would really love all of your participation with this, it is to encourage you to move more during this holiday season. Let’s get after it friends!!!


For Time:

-30 Shoulder Press

-30 Front Squats

-30 Power Cleans



-25 Deadlifts @75% of 3RM, all reps are singles


For Time:


-Russian KB Swings

-40 Double Unders after each round


3 Rounds For Time:

-25 Back Squats

-400m Run


Every 2:30 for 5 sets:

-2 Split Jerks, alternating legs

6 Rounds For Time:

-6 Split Jerks, alternating legs

-6 Single Leg Burpees, alternating legs


For Time, with a partner:

-20×100m Runs

-300ft Double KB front rack Walking Lunges

-20×100m Runs

Coming this Saturday?!!?!