We didn’t invent CrossFit.  We didn’t invent intensity, functionality or variety.  However, we do pride ourselves on trying our very best to balance those three!  There are other CrossFit gyms and will always be other CrossFit gyms (or “boxes”).  What we are trying to do here is no different than the simple definition of Constantly Varied Functional Movements at High Intensity.  What I can say sets us apart is, we truly care for the real reason why people are coming to us, health.  We love the continuos growth of CrossFit and what opportunities it creates to always be a better, faster, stronger athlete.  What we don’t focus on is the hype around it.  We dont slap a name on our gym, just because its cool.  We dont use lingo, just to use it.  We dont do movements, just to say we do them.  People and their health and safety are priority number one, the fact that we are using CrossFit as our method of doing so is the bonus.  Not to be misunderstood or have our words construed , we love CrossFit and every thing it brings, literature, trainings, competition, etc., but we focus first and foremost of you, not some cool t-shirt about Snatching!  If you are ready to get a true coaching experience and learn everything we can throw at you, then try us out, you wont regret this one!


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Info on Coaches here.

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