Certs: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Coaches Prep

Favorite Movement: Muscle-Up!

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter…cant get enough!

Athletic Background: CrossCountry, Soccer, Track, Competitive Swimming, and last but not least, BMX

Andre has been active ever since team sports were an option and it quickly became part of his everyday life.   By taking what he has learned from so many different backgrounds and disciplines, he has been fortunate enough to turn a true passion into a career.  Fitness is very important to him and his family, but his love is for CrossFit and its variety, challenging workouts, and constant progress that can be made by sticking to CrossFit.  The things he loves to see is people accomplish what they have first set out to accomplish.  “If there is anything I could tell anyone about CrossFit or more specifically about Swink, is that no matter how bad you say you want something or tell me you want something, it wont matter until you put in the work and you better believe its going to be the hard type of work!” -Andre.




Certs: CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids

Favorite Movement: Squat Snatch

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Athletic Background: Adventure races, mud runs, 5K’s and before CrossFit she was lost, but now she is found!  No looking back now!

When Betsy came to Swink she was bored with your regular “on-your-own” gym scene and had been talked into giving CrossFit a try.  She was instantly hooked.  Before that first workout she never enjoyed competitive sports and working out was hardly a priority.  That quickly changed as she began attending classes daily, only growing to love it more and more, and became part of the community here.  Nine months later she completed her Level 1 Certification and has been coaching since.  Her background in teaching music outreach trained her well and  has allowed her to continue that passion in a new and unexpected way.  Also a photographer on the side, hosting competitions at the gym allowed her to discover a new kind of photography.  After going to watch the CrossFit Regionals in San Antonio in 2013 her fire was fueled to a completely different level.  Next she hopes to learn more about and pursue CrossFit photography as well as complete her CrossFit Kids training and start a program at the gym.



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